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by Todd Emmons


We believe in first page rankings. We believe in colossal traffic. We believe in generating phenomenal leads. We believe in significant ROI. We believe in going big online.


To advance the visibility and profitability of our clients’ websites and brands.


We are an experienced search marketing firm sworn to making websites more visible and profitable. We tackle sites head-on, researching and implementing the sharpest tools and techniques in the industry to put our clients ahead of their online competition. Powered by our team of search engine optimization experts, companies experience refreshing hikes in organic website traffic, brand awareness, and ultimately – conversions and revenue.



Our search engine marketing services start with identifying the keywords your target audience uses to search for products or services. It is a crucial step of the optimization process. You have to reach the right audience to generate a high return on investment, and we can help you choose the best keywords based on search frequency and relevance to your website. Carefully targeting your campaign from the start will lead to greater success in the future.



At Whose At The Top Now, LLC  we offer the 
search engine optimization services you need to reach out to potential customers in your immediate area. Every month there are more than 10 billion unique searches performed in the United States, and over 40% of those queries are local searches – they include city, state, or even neighborhood names in their searches – and we can help you make the most of this opportunity.

Our SEO specialists know how to build the strategies that will make your company stand out from the competition and rank for those localized keywords. When customers are searching the Internet for the businesses in their area, they’re usually the ready to make a purchase. Take advantage of our Local SEO marketing strategies and start growing your business today.

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Use Google Maps to Help Customers Find You

Nine out of ten people who are looking for a local restaurant, store, or business will turn to search engines to discover their options. Google Maps optimization will help customers find your address, phone number, and other information they need to contact you.  In addition, Google Places and Maps can occupy a significant amount of space on the first page of search results (almost 30%), proving to be an integral part of increasing your brand authority and credibility at the top of the search engine rankings.

At Whose At The Top Now, LLC our local business
SEO experts can create a strategy that includes these Google business listings. Contact us now to find out how we can increase your revenue by adding Google local optimization tactics to your search engine marketing campaign.



As the number of smartphones in circulation continues to grow, the number of searches performed on mobile devices will also keep increasing, and at Whose At The Top Now, LLC we
will help you optimize for all those mobile customers. Google recently estimated that 1 in 7 queries come from mobile devices now, especially when someone is searching for local industries like restaurants and shops. Mobile search is a growing opportunity for businesses, you simply have to know how to reach these potential customers.

Different Markets and Different Methods

When a customer runs a query on a mobile search engine, chances are they have a very different mindset than someone behind a computer screen. Mobile SEO needs to target a set of keywords with this in mind.

While many of the same SEO principles apply to the mobile Internet, there are some different tactics and strategies that can be very beneficial to your business. When a potential customer performs a mobile search, they often have very different needs than someone at home, so they may be searching for different versions of the keywords. The demographics of your mobile customers may even be completely different than your normal website traffic. At Whose At The Top Now, LLC we can take all this into 
account and provide the mobile solution you need.

A Changing Landscape

The mobile search environment is changing fast. With the proliferation of smartphones, the rapidly evolving apps, and increased use of voice commands, it can be a real challenge to keep up. At Whose At The Top Now, LLC we will help 
you stay on top of the growing industry and reach your customers wherever they are.






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